Ready for Summer?

Black female model with slick back hair

Anyone who has lived in D.C. for any amount of time knows that the D.C. humidity can cause a few bad hair days during the summer months.  Never to worry, TSPA DC has you covered!  We are now offering Keratin Complex Keratin treatments in our Student Salon Training Area!

Starting April 15th we are accepting appointments for both an Express Blow Out Keratin Treatment or a Keratin Complex Keratin Treatment!  What’s the difference?  Keep reading…

An Express Blow Out is helpful for women with textured hair that are looking to just control frizz, and allow for more manageability with their texture.  This treatment lasts about 3 months depending on the frequency of shampooing.  Once the treatment has been applied, a guest can not shampoo/conditioner their hair for 8 hours.

A Keratin Complex Keratin Treatment provides maximum frizz reduction, maximum manageability, and smoothness.  This treatment takes a little longer, but lasts about 4 to 5 months, again depending on the frequency of shampooing.  There is a 72 hour waiting period to shampoo/conditioner after the treatment has been performed.

Remember, these treatments are NOT relaxers. They are smoothing treatments to help manageability/frizz.

If you are now ready, now is your time! Call 202-216-9700, extension 101 and book your appointment now.

What You Can Accomplish In JUST 8 Weeks

Taking that first step…having the courage to begin something new…allowing yourself to be challenged.

Have you ever stopped to imagine what you could truly accomplish in JUST 8 weeks?  For most of our students it was hard to imagine, walking through the door on their first day, that they would ever get to the point of being able to perform an actual service on a guest.  Some had never held a blow dryer before, or even used a comb to create a part.  The Salon Professional Academy, D.C. does not believe that fear should be a limiting force in someone’s life.  We encourage all of our students to use that energy to push them to greater heights, to accomplish more than they ever thought imaginable.

Feeling that fear and “doing it anyway” is something all of our first class has done these last three months.  The results speak from themselves.  TSPA DC can not begin to express how proud we are of each and every student that is enrolled in our program.  Haircuts, highlights, ombre, balayage, manicures, pedicures – these are all services our students are performing for guests in our Student Salon Training Area.  Actually, performing might be an understatement.  These are all services our students are KILLING in our Student Salon Training Area.

TSPA DC refuses to allow “I can’t…” or “I don’t know” to limit what our students can accomplish.  For us, “I don’t know..” really just means “I haven’t learned YET…!”  We are committed to the training, growth and success of each and every individual that trusts us with their education.  Our staff takes very seriously the responsibility we hold as educators.    If you don’t know, we will teach you.  If you are lacking in courage one day, we will lend you some of ours.  If you need help, we have a hand to extend.

The Salon Professional Academy, D.C. was born on the principle that a career in cosmetology can change someone’s life.  Stepping off that cliff…beginning something new…allowing yourself an opportunity.  Yes, in just 8 weeks your life can change.