Empowering Against Makeup Shaming

The internet is full of makeup tutorials and review videos that feature a before and after. It not only displays the product, but gives a snapshot of the artist’s work. Unfortunately, many people on the internet see this and turn it into makeup shaming. It takes courage to put your work out there as a makeup artist and cyber bullying is an unfortunate byproduct of social media and the digital world. However, many artists are turning this experience into something positive.

Bella Delune

Bella Delune

It’s been a few years since Bella Delune posted a video that would forever change her makeup career. Because she had been called a clown in comments she created a clown-inspired contouring look and turn it into something beautiful. The results are stunning, and since then she has received tremendous support for calling out her haters.

Stacy Pierre-Louis

Theresa Francine

The day before Stacy turned 23, she opted to have her makeup done by makeup artist Theresa Francine. Before and after photos were later posted that quickly went viral, the comments slathered with negative comments. Instead of letting it get her down, Stacy faced that hate and turned it into a inspiring social media campaign called #BeautyOverBullying. Using the hashtag, she encourages women to post makeup-less selfies to bring awareness to cyber bullying. The result was women joining the campaign by posting photos of themselves without makeup all over Facebook and Instagram.

Local Influencers

There are many more beauty bloggers and makeup artists that are using their influence on the internet to spread the positivity about makeup. Here are some that are from right here in Washington D.C.



Tammy Williams, a Washington D.C. native, is behind EyeLive4Beauty which has a mission to share makeup artistry and teach about beauty techniques. She has had the chance to share her own makeup art when she was asked to be the sole makeup artist for the Up Against The Wall Fashion Show for the Howard University Homecoming in 2009.

Just Add Lipstick


Therese Rosebelle Q. is a beauty blogger that has had an affinity for makeup since she was 12 years old when she borrowed makeup from her mother’s purse. Therese was born in the Philippines, grew up in New York, and recently moved to Washington D.C. She uses Instagram and her blog, Just Add Lipstick, to share her favorite cosmetic products and show the fun, outgoing person that she is. She also shared her support for an event held earlier this year called the Pink Tie Party. The Pink Tie Party is a annual fundraiser event for National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc., a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the beauty of nature and international friendship.

The Glossarie

The Glossarie

Lara Ramos runs a beauty blog called the Glossarie that she started in 2009. Her slogan for her blog is, “pretty is a lifestyle, this is the guide.” She uses her blog with social media to provide her honest reviews of her favorite beauty products, along with sharing events in her life with her readers. She made an impact back in 2013 when serving as a brand ambassador for Avon. In her blog, Lara shared that she had the opportunity present data from a study for m.powerment by mark at a congressional briefing. The study’s focus was to reveal sobering statistics on dating and relationship abuse and highlight the need to educate young people about the subject. She has also recently started working for COVERGIRL as a Senior Account Executive.

Tiyana Robinson

Tiyana Robinson

Tiyana Robinson started out as a makeup artist in 2013. Just four years later, she was voted the best makeup artist of Washington D.C.. After working in the legal and media industries for a short while, she decide to change careers to pursue her passion in makeup. She shares all of her work on her Instagram page, and the results are stunning!

Here is proof of how artists used their makeup platforms to spread positive vibes. Remember to not let makeup haters get you down and stop you from doing what you love. If you have a desire to master the beautiful art of makeup, contact us for information about our MUD makeup program.

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Get Your Side Hustle On As a Makeup Artist!

Learning how to do makeup professionally can lead to a fun and fast paced career! There are a lot of different jobs within the beauty industry. There is also a variety of programs that you can earn certifications in at a school. Some schools have associations with specific product lines and companies which allows the school to provide the students with experience using great products. At The Salon Professional Academy DC (TSPA DC), we are proud to be launching a MUD Advanced Makeup Program. The MUD makeup program at TSPA DC is designed to train our students to high, professional standards. After students complete the program, they are awarded a MUD Makeup Certification! Here are a few of the jobs you can get once you have your makeup certificate. Many of them can be done on the side, creating the perfect side-hustle to keep your beauty creativity flowing!


Brides-to-be are always looking for a good makeup artist that they know can make them glow on their special day. Weddings are also nice because there’s more than one opportunity to do makeup, such as engagement and invitation photos. Doing makeup for a bride requires attention to detail and knowledge of the best products. Having the skill and ability to complement the skin of the bride with good tones and techniques will make her feel that much better on the best day of her life! Once the bridemaids see how beautiful she looks when you’re done, they will be calling you on their wedding days, too. Weddings are one of the best side jobs!
Makeup artist side jobs


Photographers are good people to network with if you want to get some makeup side gigs. They are taking photos of people all the time whether it be high fashion, print ads, or anything inbetween. More often than not, these photographers could use a professional makeup artist to help the models look great for the camera! Find as many local photographers as you can and contact them to offer your services. If they all have your number, you’ll probably get enough calls to keep you busy.
Makeup artist side jobs


You’re bound to run into some people who want you do their costume makeup during the holidays. Halloween is a big holiday when it comes to doing crazy makeup jobs. If you post on social media and let people know you can help them create a spooky look for Halloween, you’ll probably get a few people wanting your expertise. Also, haunted houses often like to hire professional makeup artists to help prepare the ghosts and ghouls who are doing the spooking! This is a really fun side gig that will allow you to go all out and create some crazy looks that you wouldn’t normally be able to.
Makeup artist side jobs

Prom and Homecoming

High school dances are a big deal! Students go all out with dresses, hair, and makeup. This means it’s a perfect opportunity to do some side jobs! Every year the trending looks for these dances change and helping a girl find the perfect look for homecoming or prom can help make it a night to remember.

These are just a few makeup side gigs that you can do in addition to working in a salon. What other ones do you know about? To learn more about the MUD makeup program, contact us! You can also schedule a visit to see what TSPA DC has to offer you. We’re excited to see you!