How to Sanitize Makeup

Makeup may not seem like something that needs regular cleaning. How dirty can it get? The answer might surprise you.

Dirt and grime forming on your makeup and brushes can cause breakouts, illnesses, and in some cases, skin infections.

Whether you have been regularly cleaning your makeup or have never thought about it before, here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), DC, we have some tried and true tips and tricks that could help to keep your makeup clean and your skin fresh and healthy.

Hold onto this visual for future use! Keep scrolling for a detailed list.

how to sanitize makeup

Brushes and Sponges

One of the biggest culprits of spreading germs and bacteria is brushes and sponges. Many people don’t know this, but you should actually clean your brushes once a week – if not more often.

Cleaning your brushes is actually quite easy, so if you are already dreading the extra time, don’t!

  • Brushes

    makeup brushes

    Those beautiful bristle brushes are so soft when you first purchase them! But after months of makeup buildup, they might start feeling a little prickly. Once a week, before you head out the door to work or school, mix together a little olive oil, water, and baby soap. Give brushes a gentle swirl to clean, then rinse!

    How to clean makeup brushes

    Before you head out the door, set them flat on a towel to dry. By the time you get home from work, your brushes will feel just as soft as the day you bought them.

    Pro Tip! Major makeup artists suggest cleaning your brushes every day if you are doing heavy makeup or makeup on others. This will help keep bacteria from and keep them extra free from build up.

  • Sponges

    makeup sponges

    No matter if you use the old school latex wedges or a modern-day blender, you need to clean them! Sponges inevitably absorb anything that they touch, so it is especially important to wash them once a week with a good soap.

    To clean them, simply pop a bit of liquid soap on the surface or run them against bar soap briefly. Rub in the soap and and work out the suds under running water until no residue remains. You will be left with a beautifully clean sponge.

    how to clean makeup sponges

    Pro Tip! Many makeup artists swear by a good antibacterial soap to clean their blenders and sponges. Although the soap may seem harsh, it is actually is the best for getting the residue out of sponges and disinfecting them.

Powders, Tubs, and Gels

There is more to sanitizing makeup than just the brushes. Pretty much everything can be cleaned, from eyeshadows to lipstick.

  • Pressed Powders

    pressed makeups

    All pressed powders, such a foundation and eyeshadow, can be cleaned with something as simple as a tissue. By wiping off the top layer, you can eliminate some of the bacterial build up.

    If you are looking for something more, you can easily sanitize the powder by spraying the surface with a mixture of alcohol and water after skimming the surface.

    Pro Tip! Although alcohol is used in the binding process for pressed powders, it will not damage your makeup. Just make sure you aren’t saturating it! A light spritz will do the trick.

  • Creams and Liquids

    lipstick and mascara

    While you can’t directly sanitize these products, there are things you can do to keep them at the top of their game and “germ free.”

    • Pot Creams– If you have been putting your fingers into these products – know there is a better way! Use a plastic makeup spatula to get the product out easier and keep the pot free of germs.
    • Mascara– You have probably heard that you should throw your mascara out monthly. Adhere to it! Not only is mascara the best at transporting eye based infections, it also dries out pretty quickly!
    • Lipstick– Yes! You can sanitize your lipstick! If you have had a cold lately or haven’t done this is a while, get to it!
      You can do this in two ways. Many people swear by the overnight freezing method, while other chose to dip their lipstick in alcohol and water for a few seconds. Whatever you choose, put this on your list.

No matter how you choose to sanitize your makeup, this important step is one that should not be overlooked.

We hope that these tips help to keep your makeup sanitary, your skin healthy, and your life fresh and clean. For more tips on makeup, or to learn more about perfecting the art – check out the MUD Makeup courses at The Salon Professional Academy, DC.

Practical All-Day Halloween Makeovers for 2018

Think you can’t leave for the party straight from your regular routine? Please, that’s crazier than ghost stories. Yes, there are PLENTY of ways to rock an all-day transitional look that is practical by day and festive by night. Think Superman: Clark Kent by day, crime-fighting superhero by night. We’ve got a master list of versatile makeovers that are SCARY good. Read on to find out how you can go from professional to party faster than you can say, “avada kedavra”.

Next-Level Normal

Jazzing up your everyday look is as easy as swapping out your color palette! Making a Halloween full-face “practical” is practically what you already do. Just trade black for brown and nude for orange or purple (or both)! Implementing festive colors to your daily routine takes your look to the next level without any extra time or effort! Don’t be afraid to step out of your clear-gloss-and-beige-eyeshadow comfort zone.

gold black and orange makeup

purple and orange glitter glam

glowy halloween makeup

festive halloween eyeshadow


Adding in a little liquid liner spider web or bat is the perfect delicate touch. For a spEYEder web, wing your eyeliner like you normally would, extending the tail longer. Then draw a few more lines fanning outward and connect vertically along the spaces. For bats, channel your inner-childhood days when drawing a bird only took a single stroke in the shape of a knocked over “3”. Now do the same with eyeliner on eyes, lips, or anywhere!

halloween eyeshadow bats and glitter

halloween lipstick with bats

orange bats halloween makeup ideas

Spider Webs:

spider web halloween eyeshadow

spider web winged liner

baby spider makeup

spooky halloween glam

Candy Corn:

Hey girly girl! Go more “cutsie” with candy corn or pumpkins. Between bright eyeshadow and vibrant face paint, you’ve got plenty to work with! Start small with not-so-perfect circles, or little elongated triangles. You got it!

festive candy corn makeup

candy corn inspired makeup


jack-o-lantern eyeshadow

bold pumpkin eyeshadow

paisley halloween makeup


Feeling vampy? Pump up the red like your favorite red pumps! You’ll easily snatch a devilishly handsome fella. We love red eyeliner.

red glitter devil eyeshadow

devil bloody eyeshadow

special effects cut crease devil makeup


Embrace your wild side with a look straight FROM the wild! Rawr!

orange and black butterfly makeup

butterfly eyeshadow

creative eyeshadow art

Feeling committed? Maybe work or school is celebrating right along with you! Go full-face without going RED in the face! Let your face wear the costume, not the rest of you. These looks are the perfect all-over face without feeling over-the-top.

Cat or Deer:

deer makeup

flirty deer makeup

creepy easy cat makeup

glitter tiger makeup


bloody claw makeup

glam it clown makeup

cracked doll pink makeup

creepy 3d spider makeup

pretty glitter skull makeup


rainbow paint splatter drip makeup

green lizard makeup

cartoon comic book makeup

sun and moon 3d glam makeup

We love a good Halloweekend…except when Halloweekend is actually Halloweekday! Don’t let a busy work week or a holiday surrounded by school days interrupt a night of dancing, friends, and spooks. Why not turn your morning routine into a two-in-one school/work to Halloween look? Clock out and head out to a night to a remember! It’s no “challenge accepted”. It’s a challenge accomplished!

Need help creating a festive look? Schedule an appointment with us!*

Want to learn how to apply these gorgeous makeup looks? Check out our cosmetology program!

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{All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}

Become a Makeup Master at TSPA DC

The world of makeup is wide and varied.

Most often when people think of careers in makeup they think of movies and television and of creating monsters and princesses. Perhaps they even dream of perfecting a bride’s day and sending excited teenagers off to prom with dreamy makeup that takes their night to the next level.

Even though some of these may seem impossible, to some they are all attainable within the world of makeup.

You just need the right education to get there.

MUD Makeup

With decades of makeup mastery, Make-up Designory (MUD) has become known as one of the leading providers of professional makeup in the world. They do more than just create and distribute amazing makeup products, however, they also train the next generation of makeup artists.

Which is why everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy DC is proud to announce that we were recently approved by MUD to offer these amazing classes.

MUD Makeup is Coming

As a new MUD partner school we will be offering their Beauty Essentials courses beginning in September 2017. These classes are created to work around the schedules of busy professionals or those looking to master a new skill to help build out their portfolio.

Additionally, the lessons and certificates that are available through the Beauty Essentials courses are selected to give you a strong base knowledge, launching you into a career path that you may not have thought about before.

Those movie monsters may not be as out of reach as you thought.

  • Beauty Essentials

    The foundation of this education, beauty essentials is designed an an introductory course to the future professional. No matter where you see your future in makeup taking you, this six week course can give you a foundation in analysis, tone matching, application, contours, highlights and more.

  • Airbrush Technique

    Looking for a future that shines in high resolution? Airbrushing has become the most sought after way of applying makeup in the professional world. With its perfectly smooth finish and flawless look, airbrushing is an art all its own. This skill is in high demand and you can perfect it during this additional module. A certificate in the Beauty Essentials class is required to attend this class.

  • Bridal

    Although the skill of makeup can work alone, it is also a perfect addition to a cosmetology license. No where is that more apparent than in the bridal industry. This booming industry is highly in demand, with new clients arriving daily.

    If you are ready to help brides make their perfect day more amazing, this skill is one you need to master. This two week add-on module is available after the Beauty Essentials class certificate is required.

MUD Makeup Classroom

Beautiful Facilities

Each of our MUD makeup classes are held in our elegant and efficient course rooms. Built-out to the MUD standard and used only for our makeup course, our facilities are perfectly designed and stocked. Everything from the lighting to the height of the counter has been designed specifically for this trending skill set.

MUD wants their graduates to move into the field prepared for every aspect of their career, and at TSPA DC we are proud to offer them not only the education but the environment that promotes that.

Brushes, Paints, and Everything You Need

MUD Makeup KitJust as each skill set in makeup is different so is the kit you will need to master it. That’s why each individual module has its own kit, complete with everything you will need to master the skill, and launch you into the world beyond.

And don’t worry, if you don’t have something, or if you happen to run out, we can easily order more – direct from the supplier.

The Future is Colorful

Even though the Beauty Essentials courses can open up a whole new world of opportunities, it is nowhere near the end of possibilities that makeup can hold. With dozens of classes offered through MUD, your future could be as wide and varied as you chose to make it.

But it all starts with the Beauty Essentials course. As a required prerequisite to most MUD courses, gaining these certificates is a vital step into this creative world.

From Bridals to Movie Makeup if you are wanting a future as a Makeup Artists, the classes offered by MUD makeup can help you get there.

If you are interested in becoming a makeup master contact our admissions department to learn more about how these classes can make your dream a reality.