Ready for a New Look? Head Into TSPA DC!

Do not fear the student salon training area.

It’s a fairly simple statement, but one that many people don’t believe. With decades of movies depicting botched dye jobs and horrifying outcomes in cosmetology school training areas it’s easy to expect the worst. It doesn’t have to be that way!

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), DC, and at TSPAs across the country, we diligently develop students who are ready for the world, with skills that will help them stand out.

If you have ever thought about finding a new look at your local cosmetology school but stayed away for fear of the student salon training area, it’s time to cast that fear aside.

Here are five reasons to head to your local cosmetology school’s training area today!

Ready to Create

Girl in cosmetology school working on a mannequin head

Each student who showcases their skill in the student salon training area has earned their place there. Students don’t begin practicing their skill in the student salon training area until they have shown competency in many different theory classes such as sanitation, safety, and anatomy.

In addition, our students also spend hundreds of clock hours practicing on models and false heads before they can begin perfecting their skills on clients. These hours are done to help our students learn the skills of coloring, styling, cutting, and more. Before they even step foot into the student salon training area, they complete training in our classrooms that help them build the skills they need to deliver new styles and looks. All of this is done with a quality far above the pink-haired beauty school dropout you’ve come to expect.

Support With Experience

Even after all the requirements the students must meet before beginning in the student salon training area, they still aren’t alone.

With years of experience, accolades, and even successful salons under their belt, the educators at The Salon Professional Academy, DC are passionate about all things beauty. They are ready to use that experience to support each of their students and help them overcome any obstacle.

With these same educators supervising the students as they practice their skills on their clients, you can rest assured that they will be able to create an amazing look and leave you feeling taken care of.

A Modern Edge

teacher training student in cosmetology school setting

The type of education a cosmetology student receives can greatly impact the future career they build. At TSPA DC we want our students to reach the future they have envisioned for themselves. That means that we strive to create a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond the traditional skill and style and dives into new trends.

Our students are always pushing themselves to stay up on the newest looks. With so much passion you can rest assured that the perfect pastel unicorn look isn’t that far out of reach.

A Step Toward the Future

More than leaving with an amazing new look, your visit helps each and every one of the students at our school get that much closer to their dreams. Because a certain number of cutting and styling hours are required before our students can graduate, the more clients that visit our salon, the more hours our students gain – putting them closer to reaching their dreams.

Supporting these students in their education does more than just help create stability in their futures, it helps bolster the local economy by creating jobs and businesses that are in demand.

Cost Less. Pamper More.

happy woman doing hair in salon area

One of the things that services at cosmetology schools are known for is the more affordable cost. While it is true that getting a service at TSPA DC will cost a fraction of the cost as compared to a traditional salon, that doesn’t come as a detriment.

In addition to receiving a quality service, you will also be pampered with a beautiful facility and comforting addons that will make you feel like you are at a spa.

With so much training, dedication, and a passion you didn’t expect, you shouldn’t let getting a service at TSPA DC scare you..

Are you ready to change your look? Schedule a service in our student salon training area and see how our students can create a “wow” you won’t soon forget.