Can You Use Scholarships and Grants at a Beauty School?

Following your dreams. Working on your goals. Reaching your potential. We want to help you do all of those things. If you’re here, that means you have a love for beauty, just like we do. The beauty industry is filled with people that explore their creativity, push their limits, help others discover self-love, and encourages you to make your dreams into a reality. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC, our passion is to see you succeed. We offer resources that can support our students to reach their goals. Let’s dive into those resources!

Our Resources

TSPA DC offers financial help to provide a place where you can thrive without worrying about how you can support your dreams. Our Redken Diamond Scholarship and Accessing Educational Opportunities (AEO) Grant are offered to those that qualify. We are thrilled to have these opportunities be part of our TSPA DC family. Our scholarships and grants have provided a sense of comfort and assurance to past, present, and future students that their success is our main priority.

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Break Down of Our Scholarships & Grants

We understand that all the information and regulations that come with scholarships and grants can become very overwhelming. We hope we can break down our resources for you.

Redken Diamond Scholarship

We are pleased to offer the Redken Diamond Academy Award to those who qualify. This award can be offered to five students quarterly in our cosmetology program. The value of this award is $2,000.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  • Have a high school diploma, GED or state-authorized high school equivalent certificate.
  • Be enrolled in classes. Failure to start classes voids scholarship.
  • Complete the required scholarship essay or video and submit a letter of recommendation as outlined below prior to class start date.
  • Submit their application to The Academy Admissions Office within the first 450 hours of training. It is due no later than the last business day in the same calendar quarter that class started.

Each applicant may receive only ONE Diamond Scholarship award during the course/program of study. All scholarships awarded must be applied to tuition costs.

The scholarship essay or video submission must meet these requirements in order to be eligible for the Redken Diamond Scholarship.

Answers the following question: ”Describe a time in your life where you went over and above to achieve great results?”

Essay or video will be rated based on the following criteria:

  • 300 words or a two-minute long video.
  • 10% professionalism.
  • 20% articulation of thought in the fewest number of words.
  • 70% content of the essay or video question.

Accessing Educational Opportunities (AEO) Grant

Pursuing an education in what you love is an exciting time in anyone’s life. For some, financial roadblocks can be a reality. With the Accessing Education Opportunities (AEO) Grant, we hope that those who qualify can feel more secure as they perfect their skills in beauty. This grant is offered to those whose family meets the financial need criteria.

The AEO Grant Details

  • The AEO Grant is a one time grant valued at $5,900.
  • The AEO Grant is only applicable for the cosmetology program.
  • There is no appeal process for this AEO Grant.
  • If the student fails to meet SAP requirements at the 450-hour completion checkpoint, one-half of the total grant value of forfeited.
  • The AEO Grant must be applied to the student’s tuition costs.
  • The AEO Grant does not apply to textbook and kit costs.
  • The AEO Grant is non-transferable.

In order to be eligible for the AEO Grant, students must meet these criteria:

    • The Academy deems “financial need” as a family whose income level is less than $65,000.
    • Students’ age 24 and older must show proof of family income level less than $65,000.

Family income for this criterion is defined as the combined income earned by the student, the student’s spouse (if applicable), and the student’s dependent children (if applicable).

    • Students’ younger than age 24 without a dependent child must show family income level of less than $65,000.

Family income for this criterion is defined as income earned by the student and the students’ parent(s)/step-parent income of the parent they live with over 50% of the time.

  • Students’ younger than the age of 24 who have a dependent child they provide support for must show proof of family income level less than $65,000.
    Family income for this criterion is defined as income earned by the student and the student’s spouse (if applicable).
  • Proof of family income must be verified by providing The Academy a copy of the student’s and/or parent’s/step-parent’s IRS income tax returns for the most recent completed calendar year.
  • This Academy is not currently approved to offer Title IV Funding.
  • This Grant is not associated with Title IV in any way.
  • This Grant is an internal Academy Grant Program.

An extension of the AEO Grant is subjected for review by the Academy ownership team.

Your Education is an Investment

Your passion for beauty and dreams to make a life out of it should not be put off. It’s time to invest in yourself and your goals! We are honored to be able to support our students each day as they work hard on enhancing their skills and techniques. Contact us to receive more information on our scholarship and grants. Need an idea of what it’s like to be a beauty school student? Read our blog here!

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Meet the Owners of TSPA DC: A Team Dedicated to Growth and Education

To run a successful beauty school, you need to have the right owners. Owners are the face of the school and the individuals who set the tone for a school’s culture and environment. Since first opening in January 2017, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC has been committed to education and helping cosmetology students grow professionally. Such an intense level of dedication and passion could not exist without school owners Patrick Guarniere and Elena Gioacchini. Formerly successful stylists with years of experience behind the chair, they switched to beauty education so they could share their passion with the next generation of cosmetologists. With this winning team at the helm, TSPA DC can offer students a rigorous and professionally-driven education.

Elena and Patrick at TSPA DC.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Patrick and Elena both attended cosmetology school and worked as stylists before they owned TSPA DC. As a creative person who comes from a long line of cosmetologists, Elena says that beauty school was always written in the stars for her. “I love the industry and I love how it’s growing,” Elena says.”I feel like it’s who I am…The industry made me who I am and it gave me everything I have in my life.” Patrick never thought about attending beauty school until he noticed how fulfilled cosmetologists seemed in their career. He enrolled in cosmetology school as a way to improve his own future and hasn’t looked back since.

After their respective graduations from cosmetology school, Elena and Patrick met while working at a local salon. Between Elena’s creativity and Patrick’s technical skills, they became fast friends and eventually co-owners of the salon. While they loved running the salon for 13 years, both shared an insatiable hunger for education and sharing knowledge with new cosmetologists. When the opportunity to own a TSPA school arose, they knew they had to seize it.

“Elena and I were really successful hairstylists. We had full books,” Patrick says. “The reason we gave that up is because we love teaching and we wanted to pass on what we know to help other students live the kind of life we know they can have, because we did it.”


At TSPA DC, Patrick and Elena’s goal is to make their students salon-ready from day one. They chose to work with the TSPA franchise because the culture focuses on students’ growth and improvement. In addition to teaching technical and practical skills, TSPA places a strong emphasis on business and marketing knowledge. This type of education is key to preparing students for the beauty industry. Another draw of TSPA was its exclusive relationship with salon brand Redken. As a global leader in innovative hair products, Redken is always on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. Passion for innovation extends to their educational program, which focuses on preparing the individual stylist for success in a beauty industry career. “Redken education really changed our lives in the salon,” Patrick says. “So when we found a school that offered this education from the beginning we were very excited. We found the people we were hiring in the salon were undertrained. This school sets them up from the beginning with what they need to know.”

TSPA DC’s Mission

Patrick and Elena are friendly, fun-loving people, but they take cosmetology school very seriously. Just like any other form of post-high school education, cosmetology school takes a lot of hard work and commitment to complete. Students who are determined and hardworking are likely to have a positive educational experience that could prepare them for a bright future. When you get the chance to learn from enthusiastic educators, it makes all the difference. There are no two people more passionate about sharing their beauty knowledge than Patrick and Elena.

“We’re committed to the education,” Elena says. “We want students to be committed and serious. If they are, we will give them as much as they put in.”

Learn From This Dynamic Duo

Has reading about Patrick and Elena made you want to meet them in person? Contact us to ask us about enrolling in our cosmetology program and joining the TSPA DC family! We’re always excited to welcome hardworking students who love beauty and want to learn. We can’t wait for you to see the TSPA difference for yourself!

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