The TSPA DC Experience as Told by Alumni

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC is an opportunity that awaits your passion, drive, and desire for success. However, starting over can be intimidating. Whether you’ve yet to apply or are already enrolled, take another look at what people are saying about our school! Here is what alumni really think as they reflect on their education with us at TSPA DC.

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Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve heard the phrase over and over. Alumni can confirm that TSPA DC is a place that welcomes mistakes. Making mistakes is an opportunity to learn and grow. Some report that a new technique, such as your first bleach, is hard the first time you attempt it. Learning from mistakes and fixing them for the next time not only helps refine the skill but actually builds confidence and excites you to attempt the technique again. Trial and error is the means of learning to best prepare you for the professional world ahead.

Invested Educators

As our alumni can attest, educators at TSPA DC are experienced and well-trained. They are patient, helpful, and provide support every step of the way. Our team welcomes questions from the students to curate a comfortable learning environment. They offer support from day one to graduation and beyond, offering, “endless resources and opportunities to jumpstart careers with different salons and endless contacts”.

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Learning More Than Cosmo

Our students enjoy a broad spectrum of learning. With a well-rounded curriculum that covers more than just facials and haircuts, cosmetology students can dip their toes into other related facets like color theory and even business marketing. They can graduate a confident future-professional of the industry!

Leave Prepared

No matter what a student’s experience was at day one, many were “surprised by how much knowledge and practice [they were] given before graduating”. Another didn’t expect how “confident and ready [she] was to take on a job of [her] own.” Just think: you could be next.

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TSPA DC is a friendly environment full of positive creators eager to reach their potential. As a place where roadblocks don’t have to stop you, it is a place to be savored, loved, and missed.

If you are ready to join us on your journey toward your beautiful future, schedule a tour or apply online now.

{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}

Elena: The Face of TSPA DC Admissions

If you have come into our school lately, You probably remember Elena, one of The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) DC’s cherished owners! This talented guru doubles as the company partner and head of admissions. Having a passion for beauty, people, and exploring the new, Elena handles communication and recruiting talent into TSPA DC. With twenty years of experience under her belt, Elena loves helping others reach goals and training up the new generation of stylists.

TSPA DC student salon training area

In With the New

Whether prospective students are nervous or just indecisive, Elena creates a welcoming environment. Elena loves offering advice, and introducing them to TSPA DC. Elena’s outgoing and fun-loving personality can make any future student feel welcomed before enjoying a comfortable transition. Elena believes getting to know someone on a personal basis, beyond a phone screen. “I can talk to anybody. I am very open!”, she says.

Their First Steps: A Tour of TSPA DC

Elena understands that she is the first thing potential students see and is their first impression of the school, and she seeks to make it a great one! With the help of Shewit, the front desk coordinator, Elena gives newcomers an inside look at their potential future.

Shewit schedules tours and Elena spends a majority of her day showing people around the school, getting to know future students, and ensuring their comfort. The feedback she receives is that students love the beautiful campus in the middle of the city near the train station. “If they were nervous, usually by the end they are fine!”.

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Eliminating Obstacles

Elena is more than an advisor and a people-person. She is also a coach! She is naturally motivated to help students and future students enter TSPA DC and find success. Despite potential obstacles like financing your education or scheduling classes, Elena works with each student and is “always trying to find ways to get students through the door”, promoting TSPA DC’s relationship with Redken and a curriculum that covers business and marketing skills.

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Elena isn’t in it for money. She truly loves helping others accomplish exactly what they set out to do. “It’s more than getting your license. They come in for a tour and leave here a different person. It’s so beautiful to see who they are when they leave here and succeed in the industry”. Elena even enjoys these relationships with alumni beyond graduation. Become a part of this close community at TSPA DC and apply today!

Ready to learn more? Take a “virtual tour” of a day in the life at TSPA DC here!

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Meet Johanne Vorsteg: Our Jack of All Trades

Meet our tough cookie, Johanne Vorsteg. She’s just as sweet and a giver of both inspiration and tough love! With over ten years of professional experience in the industry, Johanne has been in every seat from student, to stylist, to educator, to investor, and finally, advisor. We’d say Johanne’s best role is mentoring and inspiring others all the way from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Johanne Vorsteg

Johanne B.C. (Before Cosmetology)

Our East Coast Sweetheart has been with us at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC since day one, but like many others, she didn’t always have a clear vision of her future and professional purpose. Over ten years ago, Johanne looked for her niche. She never found a place that felt like hers and didn’t want that to mean she belonged at a university. Instead, she worked. After giving up on waiting tables, Johanne moved on to sweeping salon floors, having no idea she was about to find her passion.

Elena, Patrick, and Johanna: Three Peas

After graduating from cosmetology school, Johanne worked a salon, fostered her talent, built her book, and developed relationships. These relationships included her mentors and inspirers, Elena and Patrick, founders of TSPA DC. They pushed her to want more and Johanna did. “I knew I could stay and just do hair forever”, Johanne said. “That’s easy. I wanted to inspire. I wanted to pass the torch onto young industry professionals”. When Elena and Patrick invited her to invest in and work at their new school, TSPA DC, Johanne was eager to see how the bacon is made. “I was lucky enough to see it all come together!”


Johanne’s Role at TSPA

Whether you attend TSPA DC or you’re a visitor, Johanne won’t be far! Interacting with students and staff often, she mentors, guides, and sympathizes, reassuring everyone that her door is always open. Johanne overseas education and builds TSPA DC as a business. More than that, Johanne pushes students beyond their own expectations. “If a student sets goals for themselves, I want to push them. If they are discouraged, I want to push them to what THEY said they wanted to be.” She recognizes that everyone’s journey isn’t easy and sees it as an opportunity for self-improvement and learning. Practicing and refining weaknesses pays off. Johanne says, “Your flaws become such a focus that they eventually become your strengths”.

Curated Culture

Johanne sees beauty school as a place for a student to grow, learn, and become. She is passionate about getting dreamers there, no matter the roadblocks. It is a type of education and success that doesn’t require a four year degree, major debt, or second-guesses. If you think you’ve hit a wall, you just may have found a door, and beauty school could be a place for you.

What’s In It For Her?

Johanne loves watching people succeed. It brings her joy and fulfillment to know that people were able to accomplish what they thought they couldn’t. Our school is where students can feel comfortable enough to feel vulnerable. It’s a place to make mistakes so that we can all learn from each other. In a school that is eager to learn, Johanne says that, “We might look like a salon but we are humble enough to know that this is part of the learning process.”

It’s an ambitious and persevering presence like Johanne that can totally make an educational experience. She is a constant reminder that your dreams don’t have to be just that. Like hers, they can be goals. Johanne can be your inspiration, mentor, and cheerleader along your own journey as she continues hers. Get the most out of an education alongside those who want to get the most out of you.

Interested in joining our school? Work alongside Johanne and other awesome educators and friends. Take a look into a day in the life of a student here!

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Can You Use Scholarships and Grants at a Beauty School?

Following your dreams. Working on your goals. Reaching your potential. We want to help you do all of those things. If you’re here, that means you have a love for beauty, just like we do. The beauty industry is filled with people that explore their creativity, push their limits, help others discover self-love, and encourages you to make your dreams into a reality. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC, our passion is to see you succeed. We offer resources that can support our students to reach their goals. Let’s dive into those resources!

Our Resources

TSPA DC offers financial help to provide a place where you can thrive without worrying about how you can support your dreams. Our Redken Diamond Scholarship and Accessing Educational Opportunities (AEO) Grant are offered to those that qualify. We are thrilled to have these opportunities be part of our TSPA DC family. Our scholarships and grants have provided a sense of comfort and assurance to past, present, and future students that their success is our main priority.

Scholarship application sitting next to a laptop.

Break Down of Our Scholarships & Grants

We understand that all the information and regulations that come with scholarships and grants can become very overwhelming. We hope we can break down our resources for you.

Redken Diamond Scholarship

We are pleased to offer the Redken Diamond Academy Award to those who qualify. This award can be offered to five students quarterly in our cosmetology program. The value of this award is $2,000.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  • Have a high school diploma, GED or state-authorized high school equivalent certificate.
  • Be enrolled in classes. Failure to start classes voids scholarship.
  • Complete the required scholarship essay or video and submit a letter of recommendation as outlined below prior to class start date.
  • Submit their application to The Academy Admissions Office within the first 450 hours of training. It is due no later than the last business day in the same calendar quarter that class started.

Each applicant may receive only ONE Diamond Scholarship award during the course/program of study. All scholarships awarded must be applied to tuition costs.

The scholarship essay or video submission must meet these requirements in order to be eligible for the Redken Diamond Scholarship.

Answers the following question: ”Describe a time in your life where you went over and above to achieve great results?”

Essay or video will be rated based on the following criteria:

  • 300 words or a two-minute long video.
  • 10% professionalism.
  • 20% articulation of thought in the fewest number of words.
  • 70% content of the essay or video question.

Accessing Educational Opportunities (AEO) Grant

Pursuing an education in what you love is an exciting time in anyone’s life. For some, financial roadblocks can be a reality. With the Accessing Education Opportunities (AEO) Grant, we hope that those who qualify can feel more secure as they perfect their skills in beauty. This grant is offered to those whose family meets the financial need criteria.

The AEO Grant Details

  • The AEO Grant is a one time grant valued at $5,900.
  • The AEO Grant is only applicable for the cosmetology program.
  • There is no appeal process for this AEO Grant.
  • If the student fails to meet SAP requirements at the 450-hour completion checkpoint, one-half of the total grant value of forfeited.
  • The AEO Grant must be applied to the student’s tuition costs.
  • The AEO Grant does not apply to textbook and kit costs.
  • The AEO Grant is non-transferable.

In order to be eligible for the AEO Grant, students must meet these criteria:

    • The Academy deems “financial need” as a family whose income level is less than $65,000.
    • Students’ age 24 and older must show proof of family income level less than $65,000.

Family income for this criterion is defined as the combined income earned by the student, the student’s spouse (if applicable), and the student’s dependent children (if applicable).

    • Students’ younger than age 24 without a dependent child must show family income level of less than $65,000.

Family income for this criterion is defined as income earned by the student and the students’ parent(s)/step-parent income of the parent they live with over 50% of the time.

  • Students’ younger than the age of 24 who have a dependent child they provide support for must show proof of family income level less than $65,000.
    Family income for this criterion is defined as income earned by the student and the student’s spouse (if applicable).
  • Proof of family income must be verified by providing The Academy a copy of the student’s and/or parent’s/step-parent’s IRS income tax returns for the most recent completed calendar year.
  • This Academy is not currently approved to offer Title IV Funding.
  • This Grant is not associated with Title IV in any way.
  • This Grant is an internal Academy Grant Program.

An extension of the AEO Grant is subjected for review by the Academy ownership team.

Your Education is an Investment

Your passion for beauty and dreams to make a life out of it should not be put off. It’s time to invest in yourself and your goals! We are honored to be able to support our students each day as they work hard on enhancing their skills and techniques. Contact us to receive more information on our scholarship and grants. Need an idea of what it’s like to be a beauty school student? Read our blog here!

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{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}

Meet the Owners of TSPA DC: A Team Dedicated to Growth and Education

To run a successful beauty school, you need to have the right owners. Owners are the face of the school and the individuals who set the tone for a school’s culture and environment. Since first opening in January 2017, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC has been committed to education and helping cosmetology students grow professionally. Such an intense level of dedication and passion could not exist without school owners Patrick Guarniere and Elena Gioacchini. Formerly successful stylists with years of experience behind the chair, they switched to beauty education so they could share their passion with the next generation of cosmetologists. With this winning team at the helm, TSPA DC can offer students a rigorous and professionally-driven education.

Elena and Patrick at TSPA DC.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Patrick and Elena both attended cosmetology school and worked as stylists before they owned TSPA DC. As a creative person who comes from a long line of cosmetologists, Elena says that beauty school was always written in the stars for her. “I love the industry and I love how it’s growing,” Elena says.”I feel like it’s who I am…The industry made me who I am and it gave me everything I have in my life.” Patrick never thought about attending beauty school until he noticed how fulfilled cosmetologists seemed in their career. He enrolled in cosmetology school as a way to improve his own future and hasn’t looked back since.

After their respective graduations from cosmetology school, Elena and Patrick met while working at a local salon. Between Elena’s creativity and Patrick’s technical skills, they became fast friends and eventually co-owners of the salon. While they loved running the salon for 13 years, both shared an insatiable hunger for education and sharing knowledge with new cosmetologists. When the opportunity to own a TSPA school arose, they knew they had to seize it.

“Elena and I were really successful hairstylists. We had full books,” Patrick says. “The reason we gave that up is because we love teaching and we wanted to pass on what we know to help other students live the kind of life we know they can have, because we did it.”


At TSPA DC, Patrick and Elena’s goal is to make their students salon-ready from day one. They chose to work with the TSPA franchise because the culture focuses on students’ growth and improvement. In addition to teaching technical and practical skills, TSPA places a strong emphasis on business and marketing knowledge. This type of education is key to preparing students for the beauty industry. Another draw of TSPA was its exclusive relationship with salon brand Redken. As a global leader in innovative hair products, Redken is always on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. Passion for innovation extends to their educational program, which focuses on preparing the individual stylist for success in a beauty industry career. “Redken education really changed our lives in the salon,” Patrick says. “So when we found a school that offered this education from the beginning we were very excited. We found the people we were hiring in the salon were undertrained. This school sets them up from the beginning with what they need to know.”

TSPA DC’s Mission

Patrick and Elena are friendly, fun-loving people, but they take cosmetology school very seriously. Just like any other form of post-high school education, cosmetology school takes a lot of hard work and commitment to complete. Students who are determined and hardworking are likely to have a positive educational experience that could prepare them for a bright future. When you get the chance to learn from enthusiastic educators, it makes all the difference. There are no two people more passionate about sharing their beauty knowledge than Patrick and Elena.

“We’re committed to the education,” Elena says. “We want students to be committed and serious. If they are, we will give them as much as they put in.”

Learn From This Dynamic Duo

Has reading about Patrick and Elena made you want to meet them in person? Contact us to ask us about enrolling in our cosmetology program and joining the TSPA DC family! We’re always excited to welcome hardworking students who love beauty and want to learn. We can’t wait for you to see the TSPA difference for yourself!

Learn more about cosmetology school at TSPA DC!

What to Expect in Cosmetology School

The Life of a Beauty Student at TSPA DC

How to Attend Beauty School: Overcoming Schedule Conflicts

Beauty student and teacher cutting hair

Beauty school; It’s a place that is filled with energy, wonder, ambition, and creativity. It’s a place where many successful people have started their fulfilling careers. It’s a place where anything can happen. Your passion is obviously beauty, but it might be less obvious that your first step toward a career you love is beauty school. That’s right! A beauty school education could be your perfect starting point!

In our “How to Attend Beauty School” series we are going to be covering any potential roadblocks, answering your questions, and showing you just how special beauty school really is. Today’s subject? Overcoming scheduling conflicts. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC, we believe that there is always time to work toward your dreams no matter how hectic life can get. We are here to show you how!

Sit Down & Plan

It’s always important to make a plan before making a commitment. We understand that life can be busy and unexpected. However, it’s never a bad idea to invest in yourself and your goals. Before making any decisions, sit down and make a plan! Write down what your everyday schedule looks like.

When you do this you can see what your time is going toward and what is taking priority in your life. What are some things that your energy is going to? What are some things that you can give up for something that can be bigger and better? Once you have a better idea of what your day-to-day looks like, you can decide which schedule works best for you!

Part-Time Students

TSPA DC is a school that believes in success. Success comes in an environment that works for everyone! We offer part-time classes to those that have schedules that are little more tight. We have seen so many students of all types of schedules thrive at our school. Some of them include:

  • Single parents
  • Full-time workers
  • Students whose spouse works
  • The “non traditional” students

Students that have obligations to their families, their jobs, or for those that work better spending half their day toward education and the rest of their day working toward personal goals, all can find success at TSPA DC. We can work with you so that you can have the time to do it all! Part-time classes can give you the skills and experience you need in order to pursue your dream while giving you the time you need and want for yourself!

Full-Time Students

For those that are used to going to school full-time, this schedule can be an easy one to ease into. Many newly graduated high school students or college students who have decided to take a different route in education tend to work well with a full-time schedule. Other students that work well with full-time can be:

  • Students that work at night
  • Students who want to work quickly toward a future
  • The traditional student

We work around all types of schedules! Some of our students work nights, while others love a full-time schedule and are eager to graduate as soon as possible. Full-time classes are formed in a way that can teach you everything you might need to find your success without burning you out!

Success Comes From Support

Beauty school is built on a foundation of helping the world become a more beautiful place with the idea of supporting each other. With creative cosmetologists creating beautiful looks to estheticians educating those about skincare, beauty school is an environment filled with encouragement and support.

At TSPA DC, we have dedicated instructors who can work one-on-one with you to help you perfect your skills and build your confidence in beauty. We also offer *financial assistance and a variety of scholarships to those who qualify. With this strong of a support system, we don’t see why you can’t go far!

Begin Today!

Enough thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t chase your dreams. Your dreams deserved to be pursued. You are worth investing yourself in! Contact us to learn more about our full-time and part-time programs. From when our next class begins, to how many hours each program is, and everything in between! Come in for a tour and have all of your questions answered. Your future begins today!

Don’t forget to check out some of our blogs to get a little taste of what TSPA DC is all about!

“The Life of a Beauty Student at TSPA DC”

“Become a Makeup Master at TSPA DC”

*{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit}

The Life of a Beauty Student at TSPA DC

So you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist or an esthetician? That’s very exciting! To become a cosmetologist or an esthetician you first must be a student. Today we’re going to break down what a life as a beauty student at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC looks like. Let’s dive in!

A Morning Routine

hair station
A routine tends to help people stay focused and to build confidence in their day-to-day schedule. Dean Sullivan, a cosmetology student at TSPA DC loves a routine. Every morning the first thing he does when he arrives at the salon is set up his workstation. Starting the day off with an organized workstation will help you feel more prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

Dean knows that in order to have a great day, you want to start off on the right foot. Everyone should feel that way. Dean loves starting off his day by making sure to say hi to all of his fellow students. When everyone feels comfortable and welcomed, more positive experiences tend to arise throughout the day.

Get Ready!

A life as a beauty student means that each day you might be challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone, and may be given opportunities to strengthen your creativity. When you have a day with that much potential is always smart to get in the right mindset. Find something that will help you get focused on your big day. That could be a cup of coffee, taking five minutes to meditate, looking over your schedule, or even relaxing for a bit before the busy day begins! Whatever you do, make sure to give yourself time to do it. It will benefit you throughout your day.

Dive Into Learning

girl cutting woman's hair
Once classes officially begin for the day that’s when the magic happens. You will take state board prep classes as well as classes in your specific program. Here at TSPA DC, we want to give you all of the tools and skills so that you can find success in the world of beauty. Throughout your classes, you can learn the fundamental science behind the principles being taught and how to execute them with the highest professionalism!

When you’re not in class you might find yourself in the Student Salon Training Area working hands-on with guests and your fellow colleagues and instructors. Being able to spend time working in the Student Salon Training Area can teach you skills that you may not learn in the classroom. To be able to interact with the guests and to feel the excitement of the creative atmosphere, you may just get hooked to it all.

Closing Time

Two young female friends talking at work
When the time comes to close up shop, take this time to go over the day. You deserve a pat on the back after a day filled with challenges and success. You are one step closer to potentially becoming a professional stylist! Dean says, “The end of the day is when I get extra feedback from my instructors and I really get to reflect on the day’s challenges.”

Join Us!

Now that you have a little bit of an idea of what a day looks like as a TSPA DC student, you probably would like to know more! Read our blog to see what you can expect in beauty school. Don’t forget to reach out to us for any questions on enrollment or to request to book a tour! It’s never too late to take a chance on yourself and your dreams. Might as well start now!

Prioritize Your Skin This Summer!

beautiful women looking in the mirror while putting on face lotion

This summer we are making our skin our number one priority. The humidity in DC can get a little brutal. Depending on your skin type, your skin could be just as temperamental during the summer as the weather. We have provided some tips and advice on how to create your summer skincare routine that could help your skin stay clear and moisturized!

What Does Summer Mean For Our Skin?

Summer is here! This means it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. During winter your skin care routine probably involved heavy creams to balance the dry air. During the summer that can mean the humidity in the air might do some stuff to your skin. Pack away your heavy creams, moisturizers, and lotions. No need to clog your pores and suffocate your skin. Let your face breathe and bask in the sunlight!

Keep Your Face Clean

Dirt and sweat might become a daily occurrence this summer with all of the heat and playing outside. This may cause a breakout of pimples and oily skin. Find a facial cleanser that works well for your skin. Try to find one that has little to no scent. Scented facials can cause irritation. Many people have found that a milky cleanser works great for cleansing and being soft on the skin.

A Silky Serum

skincare products surrounded by pink rose petals
If you’re not familiar with what a face serum is and what it does, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Face serum is a skin care product that is used after cleansing and before moisturizing. It packed full of ingredients to lift and brighten your skin from the inside out. It also helps with evening out the texture and color of your skin. There are many different types of serums that focus on different problematic skin issues. Find a serum that works best for you!


You probably guessed the next step. Yep, moisturize. Trade in your heavy-duty winter moisturizer for something that is lighter on your skin. Because the summer hair has so much moisture it, you don’t want to use a cream that is too heavy. This might clog your pores and could cause skin issues. Search for a moisturizer that is lightweight and breathable.

Final Step: Sunscreen!

The final step for your morning routine might just be the most important. Sunscreen. No matter the weather, the time of the day, or if you even staying in all day long. Sunscreen should forever be your number one. Wearing sunscreen will benefit your skin for the long haul. You may be wary because of all the products that you put on your skin, adding a thick sunscreen could clog everything up and defeat the purpose of your skincare routine. Look for a sunscreen that is lightweight and milky. If you want to speed up your morning routine, find a moisturizer that has an SPF built into it.

Love Your Skin!

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do is to love your skin no matter what. Be gentle and kind to it. If you are looking for more tips and tricks on what you can do to love your skin, read our blog here! Get a better understand of skincare and help others by enrolling in our esthetics program! Contact us to begin.

Subtle Eye Makeup Looks

At The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC, we believe that when it comes to makeup, sometimes you just need to keep it simple. You can do subtle eye makeup looks that still make you look chic, polished, and put-together. To help you out, we’ve created a list of five subtle eye makeup looks that look beautiful without involving a whole lot of effort.

Actress Keira Knightley in a natural makeup look.

The “No-Makeup” Eye Look

For this look, it’s all about making sure you look awake and vibrant. Use light-reflecting concealer to brighten and lift your under-eye area. Then focus on your lashes and brows. Long, curled lashes open up your eyes, making you look more awake. When the brows are full, defined, and slightly arched, it makes the eyelids look lifted and awake. It will also draw attention away from underneath your eyes if that’s an area of concern for you. If you want to wear eyeshadow, stick to neutral colors like taupe, brown, nude, light pink, cream, and tan. Make sure to use an eyeshadow primer so you don’t have to deal with annoying creasing throughout the day!

Singer RIhanna wearing bronze, shimmery eye makeup.

The Shimmery Bronze Eye Look

Believe it or not, shimmer eyeshadows can be subtle. To create this subtle, glowy, bronze look, start with a light shimmer eyeshadow all over your eyelid. This works as a great base shade. After you do this, start adding the bronze shade from the point where the light shimmer ends at the center of the eyelid. To really sculpt the look, use a contouring eyeshadow brush. To make your eyes look awake and bright, use the same light shimmer shade in the inner corners for highlighting. Top off with a few coats of mascara and natural brows, and you’re all set!

Actress Eva Green with subtle cat eyeliner.

The Subtle Cat Eye

The cat flick is a classic makeup look. While this look can be dramatic, it’s also possible to make it subtle. You can create a subtle cat eye with various types of eyeliner, including gel, liquid, pencil, and powder. With whatever product you choose, start in the middle of the upper lid and draw the line as close to your lash line as possible. For a subtle look, draw a thin line. Then move to the inner corner and start to move towards the other line you drew. For that feline “flick”, draw a thin line outwards, starting from the very outer corner of your lash line. Then draw another thin line from the flick back to your upper lash line, creating a small triangle on the eyelid. To finish the look, fill in the triangle with your eyeliner. To keep it subtle, finish off with a neutral eyeshadow, lightly defined brows, and a few coats of mascara.

Pop star Beyonce wears a subtle smokey eye.

The Simple Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are great for evenings out, but they can also be worn during the daytime. Start with an eyeshadow primer and then apply a nude matte base all over the lid. This evens out the color of your lid and blends all the eyeshadow colors together. Next, apply a darker brown or gold shimmer across the lid and blend it out to erase harsh lines. Choose two matte brown colors. Apply the lighter of the two to your crease and blend well. Then apply the darker color to your eyes’ outer corners. Use an eyeliner brush to extend the outer shadow along the upper and lower lash lines. Smudge it out for a soft effect instead of a harsh line. To highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone, apply a shimmery white or champagne color.

Actress Emmy Rossum wearing chic blue eyeshadow.

The Wearable Blue Eye

Who says you can’t experiment with color? While blue eyeshadow may seem scary or outdated, when done correctly it can be a great way to jazz up your look. Start with a matte nude eyeshadow for your base and then define the crease with a matte gray. Using whatever blue shade you prefer, define the outer corner of your lid and softly fade it inward. To keep the look subtle, you don’t need to use blue on your entire eyelid. To soften up the gray crease, use a matte brown shadow. You can then highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery silver, white, or champagne shade.

Want to Learn How to do These Looks?

Want to become a master of the subtle smokey eye? Interested in perfecting the feline flick? You should consider our cosmetology program at TSPA DC. Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour. We’d love to hear from you!

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Five Skin Care Hacks to Get You Clean for Spring!

Warmer weather is coming and with it is the urge to clean out everything and chase those winter dust bunnies away! While you are chasing the bunnies out, why not add something to your usual spring cleaning regimen?

Your Skin.

Keeping your skin and hair clean should be very high up on your list of “Self Care”. After a season of bitter cold and drying winds, it’s the perfect time to give your skin some healing care and start the season off right, complete with that inner glow that you may have lost behind all those hats and scarves.

If you are looking to start your season with a fresh feel, check out our five hacks for fresh, clean skin.

Hands Off!

Keeping your hands clean is a staple in helping your skin look its best. Not only just to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases but to help keep grease and dirt off your face. While you ideally shouldn’t be touching your face at all, that isn’t always possible. So in addition to limiting hand-to-face contact, you should keep your hands clean to help decrease dirt and oil build-up.

Lemons and Steam

Lemons are great for your skin! Plus, they can be used in multiple ways! You can put them in hot water before bed, or create a lemon infused steam for your shower can both help open and clean your pores, allowing build up to be cleaned away gently. Plus, with so much vitamin C you will find a new fresh glow sooner than you thought!


If you want to prompt that deep glow to emerge from its winter cave, hydrating your skin is a sure way to do that. The best way to hydrate is to invest in a good moisturizer. Find an oil-free product with an SPF to help guard against sun damage. You are one step closer to keeping your skin healthy, happy, and glowing.

Get a Silicone Sponge

Regular makeup sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Although it is suggested that you regularly wash sponges and brushes that often, we understand that life gets hectic and things slip through the cracks. Investing in a silicone sponge is a great option to help reduce makeup waste, bacteria growth, and is a time saver!

Wear a Mask

A face mask, a cool mask, a night mask. There are many different types of skin care masks and each one can help solve and repair different skin problems. Use a cooling mask for redness and swelling, and a night mask for blackheads and clogged pores. Finding the right mask for you is important and is definitely something you should add to your usual beauty routine.

Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning?

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