Clipper Class with Quency!

We love bringing guest instructors into The Salon Professional Academy!  Especially those that we have known forever and admire so much!  Quency Valencia is the owner of Salon Quency on U St in NW, D.C.  He has been a stylist in the D.C. area for many years and has built quite the following in the community.  From skin fades to working with Miss Universe contestants, Quency has done it all!

Clipper cuts are always a hot topic with our students and one of the areas of cosmetology that students find hard to master.  “It can be scary trying to blend from skin to a 3 on a guest that seems picky about their hair!” shared Lavera, one of our cosmetology students.

Quency used two models to demonstrate various blending techniques and how to use different guards to create different looks that a client may ask for.  Sidney was impressed with how easy he made it look! “It really clicked with me when he showed us how to hold the client’s head different ways so we could direct the hair and be more efficient!”

After Quency was done with his demonstration, the students were able to ask him about his career and how he got where he was.  “I really loved his passion and how he kept driving home that one good guest experience can bring you so many more clients!” shared our cosmetology student Fanny.  “He reminded us anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!”

In the world of cosmetology anything really is possible!  Thank you to Quency and Salon Quency for an amazing morning with our cosmetology students!



Celebrating Student Success

We love to celebrate here at The Salon Professional Academy!  It’s in our DNA and part of our culture.  As an Academy, we believe that any achievement is worth celebrating.  These “wins,” as we like to call them, come in all shapes and sizes.  FINALLY mastering the art of foiling, nailing your foundations esthetics facial model or hitting your referral goal for the month are just some examples.

On the first Wednesday of each month, our cosmetology and esthetics students have their Student Celebration! In this celebration we recognize the students that excelled the month prior in various categories.  Mostly these celebrations are focused around the students that were at the top of their programs in the business building categories.  TSPA, D.C. focuses on guest referrals, guest rebooking, repeat guests and the ratio of services to each client that our students sees.

Starting next month our students will be picking a theme for our student celebration days!  The Academy will add snacks and punch centered on the theme.  To bring the celebration even more to life our students will be able to dress up how they best interpret the theme!  Stay tuned to see what theme we pick and how our students choose to celebrate!

Congratulations to all of our July, full time winners!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Visits TSPA, D.C.

Tuesday July 30th was a very special evening for the students enrolled in the esthetics program here at TSPA, D.C.!  Celebrity makeup artist James Vincent stopped by to spend some time speaking with our students.  Mr. Vincent is the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, he has worked with Lady Gaga, The Obamas, Lauryn Hill, and TLC.

As if his impressive resume wasn’t long enough already, Mr. Vincent is the Director of The Makeup Shop” who is launching their first ever Makeup Show in Washington, D.C. August 3rd & 4th, 2019.  The show will feature a main stage along with a seminar stage and multiple demo stages.  Since our students were invited to attend, they will be able to experience hands-on workshops from top industry leaders.  What a great opportunity for TSPA students to learn current trends, techniques AND seasonal inspired images!

“One of the key moments from the presentation for me was his inspiring message to figure out who you are as a cosmetologist or esthetician and use that to grow your career!” explained Ms. Silvia, one of our educators.  “He really drove home the message that things always get easier through hard work and experience!  That if you stick with it, you will be successful!  It was such a great message for our students to hear!”

The Salon Professional Academy students are hard at work practicing the techniques that were demonstrated to better their skills.  Many of our students will be attending the makeup show on August 3rd.  TSPA can not wait for them to come back and show us what they learned!

TSPA esthetic student, Carli, shared that his final message really hit home for her.  “It was refreshing to hear someone speaking about doing what makes you happy!  James really reminded me that life is too short and I should be doing what I love!”




8 Reasons Why Students Love Our Esthetics Program

Curious About What Makes Our Students Love Our FT Esthetics Class?

Taking a serious look into a creatively and financially rewarding career in the beauty & skin care industry takes courage! We know you probably have a lot of questions like ‘how can I make this work?’ which is exactly what everyone professionally licensed on the TSPA team has asked themselves at one point. That’s why we put together our students’ 8 favorite reasons that helped influence them to take steps towards exploring our 19 week program to start enjoying the ability to care for people and live artistically.

Our full-time esthetics program is the perfect program to launch you towards that financial freedom you’re looking for.

  • Full-timer’s qualify for more financial aid (FAFSA) awards than part-timer’s
  • $5,000 to $15,000 scholarships (apply before June 31st) (easiest application ever!)
  • Weekends & evenings are all yours!
  • Enroll before June 31st to benefit from additional FAFSA in the form of Pell Grants
  • Lower tuition cost means less debt. Graduate With less debt than students at our competitors
  • TSPA offers the most competitive tuition in the DC area.
  • You have the potential to convert to half time after your first 4weeks*
  • 5 months till you start earning your professional income*! (*you must be FT only to complete in 5 months)

If you want to become an esthetician, come visit or revisit our campus to see if we meet your expectations to launch you towards that financial freedom you’re looking for.


Pick up some cool summer gear and support a great cause. From June 1st to August 1st we will be selling a fun and versatile summer stretchy scarf or “buff” like the ones you’ve seen on the tv show Survivor.  They can be worn more than a dozen different ways and are the perfect summer accessory!  They only cost $5 and all of the proceeds from your purchase go toward support of Community Family Life Services. Since 1969, Community Family Life Services, Inc. has provided children, families and adults with the tools and resources needed to move beyond poverty and homelessness.  CFLS also supports women who are returning home following a period of incarceration by assisting them as they move into permanent self-sufficiency.  Get them for you, a friend, and the kids and know that you are doing your part to support a great cause.


TSPA, D.C. is running a fun contest that could make you “Insta-famous” and hook you up with a fabulous prize. Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win the grand prize of a $100 TSPA gift card towards services!

The contest is simple:

  • Purchase a buff at the school
  • Take a fun, creative selfie prominently featuring you wearing the buff. (keep the images appropriate please 😊 )
  • Post it to your Instagram account using these two hashtags: [#tspainthebuff] & [#tspadc]
  • Post your picture by August 1st
  • Check back with the school, our social media accounts, and/or website to see if you won and to claim your prize.

CONTEST DETAILS: Employees, currently enrolled students, and direct account contacts from vendors/companies affiliated with the school are ineligible to win the grand prize. All posts need to be of an appropriate nature. Lewd, profane, discriminatory, or inappropriate posts will be disqualified.  Winner must claim prize by September 1st, 2019 or it will be awarded to the next selected post winner.  Contact this school with any additional questions you may have.  The use of the word “buff” is a play on words as well as the colloquial, generic term for a stretchy, tubular-sewn scarf and not meant to imply the product being sold for charity is the trademark brand BUFF®.

March Open House

Ever wonder what life is like as a beauty school student? What are the classes like? Is it fun?  Will I learn what I need to be successful?  We’d love to answer those questions by letting you experience first-hand what it’s like!  Join un on March 14th from 6-9pm for a free event designed to help you understand what it means to be a student at The Salon Professional Academy.  Talk to educators who are committed to your success, interact with other students and hear directly from them what it is like to be enrolled at TSPA.


  • Free Swag Bags & A Chance to Win Prizes
  • Participate and Vote on a Student Competition
  • Here from professionals about career opportunities
  • Learn about ways to afford an investment in your education
  • Snacks and Refreshments will be served



MARCH 14TH 6-9PM   90 K ST. NE  Ste. 103  Washington, DC 20002

RSVP to Attend on our Facebook Event Page:

Ready for Summer?

Black female model with slick back hair

Anyone who has lived in D.C. for any amount of time knows that the D.C. humidity can cause a few bad hair days during the summer months.  Never to worry, TSPA DC has you covered!  We are now offering Keratin Complex Keratin treatments in our Student Salon Training Area!

Starting April 15th we are accepting appointments for both an Express Blow Out Keratin Treatment or a Keratin Complex Keratin Treatment!  What’s the difference?  Keep reading…

An Express Blow Out is helpful for women with textured hair that are looking to just control frizz, and allow for more manageability with their texture.  This treatment lasts about 3 months depending on the frequency of shampooing.  Once the treatment has been applied, a guest can not shampoo/conditioner their hair for 8 hours.

A Keratin Complex Keratin Treatment provides maximum frizz reduction, maximum manageability, and smoothness.  This treatment takes a little longer, but lasts about 4 to 5 months, again depending on the frequency of shampooing.  There is a 72 hour waiting period to shampoo/conditioner after the treatment has been performed.

Remember, these treatments are NOT relaxers. They are smoothing treatments to help manageability/frizz.

If you are now ready, now is your time! Call 202-216-9700, extension 101 and book your appointment now.

What You Can Accomplish In JUST 8 Weeks

Taking that first step…having the courage to begin something new…allowing yourself to be challenged.

Have you ever stopped to imagine what you could truly accomplish in JUST 8 weeks?  For most of our students it was hard to imagine, walking through the door on their first day, that they would ever get to the point of being able to perform an actual service on a guest.  Some had never held a blow dryer before, or even used a comb to create a part.  The Salon Professional Academy, D.C. does not believe that fear should be a limiting force in someone’s life.  We encourage all of our students to use that energy to push them to greater heights, to accomplish more than they ever thought imaginable.

Feeling that fear and “doing it anyway” is something all of our first class has done these last three months.  The results speak from themselves.  TSPA DC can not begin to express how proud we are of each and every student that is enrolled in our program.  Haircuts, highlights, ombre, balayage, manicures, pedicures – these are all services our students are performing for guests in our Student Salon Training Area.  Actually, performing might be an understatement.  These are all services our students are KILLING in our Student Salon Training Area.

TSPA DC refuses to allow “I can’t…” or “I don’t know” to limit what our students can accomplish.  For us, “I don’t know..” really just means “I haven’t learned YET…!”  We are committed to the training, growth and success of each and every individual that trusts us with their education.  Our staff takes very seriously the responsibility we hold as educators.    If you don’t know, we will teach you.  If you are lacking in courage one day, we will lend you some of ours.  If you need help, we have a hand to extend.

The Salon Professional Academy, D.C. was born on the principle that a career in cosmetology can change someone’s life.  Stepping off that cliff…beginning something new…allowing yourself an opportunity.  Yes, in just 8 weeks your life can change.