Clipper Class with Quency!

We love bringing guest instructors into The Salon Professional Academy!  Especially those that we have known forever and admire so much!  Quency Valencia is the owner of Salon Quency on U St in NW, D.C.  He has been a stylist in the D.C. area for many years and has built quite the following in the community.  From skin fades to working with Miss Universe contestants, Quency has done it all!

Clipper cuts are always a hot topic with our students and one of the areas of cosmetology that students find hard to master.  “It can be scary trying to blend from skin to a 3 on a guest that seems picky about their hair!” shared Lavera, one of our cosmetology students.

Quency used two models to demonstrate various blending techniques and how to use different guards to create different looks that a client may ask for.  Sidney was impressed with how easy he made it look! “It really clicked with me when he showed us how to hold the client’s head different ways so we could direct the hair and be more efficient!”

After Quency was done with his demonstration, the students were able to ask him about his career and how he got where he was.  “I really loved his passion and how he kept driving home that one good guest experience can bring you so many more clients!” shared our cosmetology student Fanny.  “He reminded us anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!”

In the world of cosmetology anything really is possible!  Thank you to Quency and Salon Quency for an amazing morning with our cosmetology students!



Meet the Owners of TSPA DC: A Team Dedicated to Growth and Education

To run a successful beauty school, you need to have the right owners. Owners are the face of the school and the individuals who set the tone for a school’s culture and environment. Since first opening in January 2017, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC has been committed to education and helping cosmetology students grow professionally. Such an intense level of dedication and passion could not exist without school owners Patrick Guarniere and Elena Gioacchini. Formerly successful stylists with years of experience behind the chair, they switched to beauty education so they could share their passion with the next generation of cosmetologists. With this winning team at the helm, TSPA DC can offer students a rigorous and professionally-driven education.

Elena and Patrick at TSPA DC.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Patrick and Elena both attended cosmetology school and worked as stylists before they owned TSPA DC. As a creative person who comes from a long line of cosmetologists, Elena says that beauty school was always written in the stars for her. “I love the industry and I love how it’s growing,” Elena says.”I feel like it’s who I am…The industry made me who I am and it gave me everything I have in my life.” Patrick never thought about attending beauty school until he noticed how fulfilled cosmetologists seemed in their career. He enrolled in cosmetology school as a way to improve his own future and hasn’t looked back since.

After their respective graduations from cosmetology school, Elena and Patrick met while working at a local salon. Between Elena’s creativity and Patrick’s technical skills, they became fast friends and eventually co-owners of the salon. While they loved running the salon for 13 years, both shared an insatiable hunger for education and sharing knowledge with new cosmetologists. When the opportunity to own a TSPA school arose, they knew they had to seize it.

“Elena and I were really successful hairstylists. We had full books,” Patrick says. “The reason we gave that up is because we love teaching and we wanted to pass on what we know to help other students live the kind of life we know they can have, because we did it.”


At TSPA DC, Patrick and Elena’s goal is to make their students salon-ready from day one. They chose to work with the TSPA franchise because the culture focuses on students’ growth and improvement. In addition to teaching technical and practical skills, TSPA places a strong emphasis on business and marketing knowledge. This type of education is key to preparing students for the beauty industry. Another draw of TSPA was its exclusive relationship with salon brand Redken. As a global leader in innovative hair products, Redken is always on the cutting edge of the beauty industry. Passion for innovation extends to their educational program, which focuses on preparing the individual stylist for success in a beauty industry career. “Redken education really changed our lives in the salon,” Patrick says. “So when we found a school that offered this education from the beginning we were very excited. We found the people we were hiring in the salon were undertrained. This school sets them up from the beginning with what they need to know.”

TSPA DC’s Mission

Patrick and Elena are friendly, fun-loving people, but they take cosmetology school very seriously. Just like any other form of post-high school education, cosmetology school takes a lot of hard work and commitment to complete. Students who are determined and hardworking are likely to have a positive educational experience that could prepare them for a bright future. When you get the chance to learn from enthusiastic educators, it makes all the difference. There are no two people more passionate about sharing their beauty knowledge than Patrick and Elena.

“We’re committed to the education,” Elena says. “We want students to be committed and serious. If they are, we will give them as much as they put in.”

Learn From This Dynamic Duo

Has reading about Patrick and Elena made you want to meet them in person? Contact us to ask us about enrolling in our cosmetology program and joining the TSPA DC family! We’re always excited to welcome hardworking students who love beauty and want to learn. We can’t wait for you to see the TSPA difference for yourself!

Learn more about cosmetology school at TSPA DC!

What to Expect in Cosmetology School

The Life of a Beauty Student at TSPA DC

How to Sanitize Makeup

Makeup may not seem like something that needs regular cleaning. How dirty can it get? The answer might surprise you.

Dirt and grime forming on your makeup and brushes can cause breakouts, illnesses, and in some cases, skin infections.

Whether you have been regularly cleaning your makeup or have never thought about it before, here at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), DC, we have some tried and true tips and tricks that could help to keep your makeup clean and your skin fresh and healthy.

Hold onto this visual for future use! Keep scrolling for a detailed list.

how to sanitize makeup

Brushes and Sponges

One of the biggest culprits of spreading germs and bacteria is brushes and sponges. Many people don’t know this, but you should actually clean your brushes once a week – if not more often.

Cleaning your brushes is actually quite easy, so if you are already dreading the extra time, don’t!

  • Brushes

    makeup brushes

    Those beautiful bristle brushes are so soft when you first purchase them! But after months of makeup buildup, they might start feeling a little prickly. Once a week, before you head out the door to work or school, mix together a little olive oil, water, and baby soap. Give brushes a gentle swirl to clean, then rinse!

    How to clean makeup brushes

    Before you head out the door, set them flat on a towel to dry. By the time you get home from work, your brushes will feel just as soft as the day you bought them.

    Pro Tip! Major makeup artists suggest cleaning your brushes every day if you are doing heavy makeup or makeup on others. This will help keep bacteria from and keep them extra free from build up.

  • Sponges

    makeup sponges

    No matter if you use the old school latex wedges or a modern-day blender, you need to clean them! Sponges inevitably absorb anything that they touch, so it is especially important to wash them once a week with a good soap.

    To clean them, simply pop a bit of liquid soap on the surface or run them against bar soap briefly. Rub in the soap and and work out the suds under running water until no residue remains. You will be left with a beautifully clean sponge.

    how to clean makeup sponges

    Pro Tip! Many makeup artists swear by a good antibacterial soap to clean their blenders and sponges. Although the soap may seem harsh, it is actually is the best for getting the residue out of sponges and disinfecting them.

Powders, Tubs, and Gels

There is more to sanitizing makeup than just the brushes. Pretty much everything can be cleaned, from eyeshadows to lipstick.

  • Pressed Powders

    pressed makeups

    All pressed powders, such a foundation and eyeshadow, can be cleaned with something as simple as a tissue. By wiping off the top layer, you can eliminate some of the bacterial build up.

    If you are looking for something more, you can easily sanitize the powder by spraying the surface with a mixture of alcohol and water after skimming the surface.

    Pro Tip! Although alcohol is used in the binding process for pressed powders, it will not damage your makeup. Just make sure you aren’t saturating it! A light spritz will do the trick.

  • Creams and Liquids

    lipstick and mascara

    While you can’t directly sanitize these products, there are things you can do to keep them at the top of their game and “germ free.”

    • Pot Creams– If you have been putting your fingers into these products – know there is a better way! Use a plastic makeup spatula to get the product out easier and keep the pot free of germs.
    • Mascara– You have probably heard that you should throw your mascara out monthly. Adhere to it! Not only is mascara the best at transporting eye based infections, it also dries out pretty quickly!
    • Lipstick– Yes! You can sanitize your lipstick! If you have had a cold lately or haven’t done this is a while, get to it!
      You can do this in two ways. Many people swear by the overnight freezing method, while other chose to dip their lipstick in alcohol and water for a few seconds. Whatever you choose, put this on your list.

No matter how you choose to sanitize your makeup, this important step is one that should not be overlooked.

We hope that these tips help to keep your makeup sanitary, your skin healthy, and your life fresh and clean. For more tips on makeup, or to learn more about perfecting the art – check out the MUD Makeup courses at The Salon Professional Academy, DC.