8 Reasons Why Students Love Our Esthetics Program

Curious About What Makes Our Students Love Our FT Esthetics Class?

Taking a serious look into a creatively and financially rewarding career in the beauty & skin care industry takes courage! We know you probably have a lot of questions like ‘how can I make this work?’ which is exactly what everyone professionally licensed on the TSPA team has asked themselves at one point. That’s why we put together our students’ 8 favorite reasons that helped influence them to take steps towards exploring our 19 week program to start enjoying the ability to care for people and live artistically.

Our full-time esthetics program is the perfect program to launch you towards that financial freedom you’re looking for.

  • Full-timer’s qualify for more financial aid (FAFSA) awards than part-timer’s
  • $5,000 to $15,000 scholarships (apply before June 31st) (easiest application ever!)
  • Weekends & evenings are all yours!
  • Enroll before June 31st to benefit from additional FAFSA in the form of Pell Grants
  • Lower tuition cost means less debt. Graduate With less debt than students at our competitors
  • TSPA offers the most competitive tuition in the DC area.
  • You have the potential to convert to half time after your first 4weeks*
  • 5 months till you start earning your professional income*! (*you must be FT only to complete in 5 months)

If you want to become an esthetician, come visit or revisit our campus to see if we meet your expectations to launch you towards that financial freedom you’re looking for.


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The contest is simple:

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CONTEST DETAILS: Employees, currently enrolled students, and direct account contacts from vendors/companies affiliated with the school are ineligible to win the grand prize. All posts need to be of an appropriate nature. Lewd, profane, discriminatory, or inappropriate posts will be disqualified.  Winner must claim prize by September 1st, 2019 or it will be awarded to the next selected post winner.  Contact this school with any additional questions you may have.  The use of the word “buff” is a play on words as well as the colloquial, generic term for a stretchy, tubular-sewn scarf and not meant to imply the product being sold for charity is the trademark brand BUFF®.

The TSPA DC Experience as Told by Alumni

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC is an opportunity that awaits your passion, drive, and desire for success. However, starting over can be intimidating. Whether you’ve yet to apply or are already enrolled, take another look at what people are saying about our school! Here is what alumni really think as they reflect on their education with us at TSPA DC.

cute girls kissy lips on the beach

Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve heard the phrase over and over. Alumni can confirm that TSPA DC is a place that welcomes mistakes. Making mistakes is an opportunity to learn and grow. Some report that a new technique, such as your first bleach, is hard the first time you attempt it. Learning from mistakes and fixing them for the next time not only helps refine the skill but actually builds confidence and excites you to attempt the technique again. Trial and error is the means of learning to best prepare you for the professional world ahead.

Invested Educators

As our alumni can attest, educators at TSPA DC are experienced and well-trained. They are patient, helpful, and provide support every step of the way. Our team welcomes questions from the students to curate a comfortable learning environment. They offer support from day one to graduation and beyond, offering, “endless resources and opportunities to jumpstart careers with different salons and endless contacts”.

tspa dc student life cosmetology school

Learning More Than Cosmo

Our students enjoy a broad spectrum of learning. With a well-rounded curriculum that covers more than just facials and haircuts, cosmetology students can dip their toes into other related facets like color theory and even business marketing. They can graduate a confident future-professional of the industry!

Leave Prepared

No matter what a student’s experience was at day one, many were “surprised by how much knowledge and practice [they were] given before graduating”. Another didn’t expect how “confident and ready [she] was to take on a job of [her] own.” Just think: you could be next.

makeup cell phone sun glasses jewelry just girly things

TSPA DC is a friendly environment full of positive creators eager to reach their potential. As a place where roadblocks don’t have to stop you, it is a place to be savored, loved, and missed.

If you are ready to join us on your journey toward your beautiful future, schedule a tour or apply online now.

{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspadc.com/privacy-policy.}

March Open House

Ever wonder what life is like as a beauty school student? What are the classes like? Is it fun?  Will I learn what I need to be successful?  We’d love to answer those questions by letting you experience first-hand what it’s like!  Join un on March 14th from 6-9pm for a free event designed to help you understand what it means to be a student at The Salon Professional Academy.  Talk to educators who are committed to your success, interact with other students and hear directly from them what it is like to be enrolled at TSPA.


  • Free Swag Bags & A Chance to Win Prizes
  • Participate and Vote on a Student Competition
  • Here from professionals about career opportunities
  • Learn about ways to afford an investment in your education
  • Snacks and Refreshments will be served



MARCH 14TH 6-9PM   90 K ST. NE  Ste. 103  Washington, DC 20002

RSVP to Attend on our Facebook Event Page: Facebook.com/tspadc


Elena: The Face of TSPA DC Admissions

If you have come into our school lately, You probably remember Elena, one of The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) DC’s cherished owners! This talented guru doubles as the company partner and head of admissions. Having a passion for beauty, people, and exploring the new, Elena handles communication and recruiting talent into TSPA DC. With twenty years of experience under her belt, Elena loves helping others reach goals and training up the new generation of stylists.

TSPA DC student salon training area

In With the New

Whether prospective students are nervous or just indecisive, Elena creates a welcoming environment. Elena loves offering advice, and introducing them to TSPA DC. Elena’s outgoing and fun-loving personality can make any future student feel welcomed before enjoying a comfortable transition. Elena believes getting to know someone on a personal basis, beyond a phone screen. “I can talk to anybody. I am very open!”, she says.

Their First Steps: A Tour of TSPA DC

Elena understands that she is the first thing potential students see and is their first impression of the school, and she seeks to make it a great one! With the help of Shewit, the front desk coordinator, Elena gives newcomers an inside look at their potential future.

Shewit schedules tours and Elena spends a majority of her day showing people around the school, getting to know future students, and ensuring their comfort. The feedback she receives is that students love the beautiful campus in the middle of the city near the train station. “If they were nervous, usually by the end they are fine!”.

TSPA DC cosmetology school owners

Eliminating Obstacles

Elena is more than an advisor and a people-person. She is also a coach! She is naturally motivated to help students and future students enter TSPA DC and find success. Despite potential obstacles like financing your education or scheduling classes, Elena works with each student and is “always trying to find ways to get students through the door”, promoting TSPA DC’s relationship with Redken and a curriculum that covers business and marketing skills.

tspa dc tour

Elena isn’t in it for money. She truly loves helping others accomplish exactly what they set out to do. “It’s more than getting your license. They come in for a tour and leave here a different person. It’s so beautiful to see who they are when they leave here and succeed in the industry”. Elena even enjoys these relationships with alumni beyond graduation. Become a part of this close community at TSPA DC and apply today!

Ready to learn more? Take a “virtual tour” of a day in the life at TSPA DC here!

{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspadc.com/privacy-policy.}

Meet Johanne Vorsteg: Our Jack of All Trades

Meet our tough cookie, Johanne Vorsteg. She’s just as sweet and a giver of both inspiration and tough love! With over ten years of professional experience in the industry, Johanne has been in every seat from student, to stylist, to educator, to investor, and finally, advisor. We’d say Johanne’s best role is mentoring and inspiring others all the way from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

Johanne Vorsteg

Johanne B.C. (Before Cosmetology)

Our East Coast Sweetheart has been with us at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC since day one, but like many others, she didn’t always have a clear vision of her future and professional purpose. Over ten years ago, Johanne looked for her niche. She never found a place that felt like hers and didn’t want that to mean she belonged at a university. Instead, she worked. After giving up on waiting tables, Johanne moved on to sweeping salon floors, having no idea she was about to find her passion.

Elena, Patrick, and Johanna: Three Peas

After graduating from cosmetology school, Johanne worked a salon, fostered her talent, built her book, and developed relationships. These relationships included her mentors and inspirers, Elena and Patrick, founders of TSPA DC. They pushed her to want more and Johanna did. “I knew I could stay and just do hair forever”, Johanne said. “That’s easy. I wanted to inspire. I wanted to pass the torch onto young industry professionals”. When Elena and Patrick invited her to invest in and work at their new school, TSPA DC, Johanne was eager to see how the bacon is made. “I was lucky enough to see it all come together!”


Johanne’s Role at TSPA

Whether you attend TSPA DC or you’re a visitor, Johanne won’t be far! Interacting with students and staff often, she mentors, guides, and sympathizes, reassuring everyone that her door is always open. Johanne overseas education and builds TSPA DC as a business. More than that, Johanne pushes students beyond their own expectations. “If a student sets goals for themselves, I want to push them. If they are discouraged, I want to push them to what THEY said they wanted to be.” She recognizes that everyone’s journey isn’t easy and sees it as an opportunity for self-improvement and learning. Practicing and refining weaknesses pays off. Johanne says, “Your flaws become such a focus that they eventually become your strengths”.

Curated Culture

Johanne sees beauty school as a place for a student to grow, learn, and become. She is passionate about getting dreamers there, no matter the roadblocks. It is a type of education and success that doesn’t require a four year degree, major debt, or second-guesses. If you think you’ve hit a wall, you just may have found a door, and beauty school could be a place for you.

What’s In It For Her?

Johanne loves watching people succeed. It brings her joy and fulfillment to know that people were able to accomplish what they thought they couldn’t. Our school is where students can feel comfortable enough to feel vulnerable. It’s a place to make mistakes so that we can all learn from each other. In a school that is eager to learn, Johanne says that, “We might look like a salon but we are humble enough to know that this is part of the learning process.”

It’s an ambitious and persevering presence like Johanne that can totally make an educational experience. She is a constant reminder that your dreams don’t have to be just that. Like hers, they can be goals. Johanne can be your inspiration, mentor, and cheerleader along your own journey as she continues hers. Get the most out of an education alongside those who want to get the most out of you.

Interested in joining our school? Work alongside Johanne and other awesome educators and friends. Take a look into a day in the life of a student here!

{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspadc.com/privacy-policy.}

How to Attend Beauty School: Overcoming Schedule Conflicts

Beauty student and teacher cutting hair

Beauty school; It’s a place that is filled with energy, wonder, ambition, and creativity. It’s a place where many successful people have started their fulfilling careers. It’s a place where anything can happen. Your passion is obviously beauty, but it might be less obvious that your first step toward a career you love is beauty school. That’s right! A beauty school education could be your perfect starting point!

In our “How to Attend Beauty School” series we are going to be covering any potential roadblocks, answering your questions, and showing you just how special beauty school really is. Today’s subject? Overcoming scheduling conflicts. Here at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), DC, we believe that there is always time to work toward your dreams no matter how hectic life can get. We are here to show you how!

Sit Down & Plan

It’s always important to make a plan before making a commitment. We understand that life can be busy and unexpected. However, it’s never a bad idea to invest in yourself and your goals. Before making any decisions, sit down and make a plan! Write down what your everyday schedule looks like.

When you do this you can see what your time is going toward and what is taking priority in your life. What are some things that your energy is going to? What are some things that you can give up for something that can be bigger and better? Once you have a better idea of what your day-to-day looks like, you can decide which schedule works best for you!

Part-Time Students

TSPA DC is a school that believes in success. Success comes in an environment that works for everyone! We offer part-time classes to those that have schedules that are little more tight. We have seen so many students of all types of schedules thrive at our school. Some of them include:

  • Single parents
  • Full-time workers
  • Students whose spouse works
  • The “non traditional” students

Students that have obligations to their families, their jobs, or for those that work better spending half their day toward education and the rest of their day working toward personal goals, all can find success at TSPA DC. We can work with you so that you can have the time to do it all! Part-time classes can give you the skills and experience you need in order to pursue your dream while giving you the time you need and want for yourself!

Full-Time Students

For those that are used to going to school full-time, this schedule can be an easy one to ease into. Many newly graduated high school students or college students who have decided to take a different route in education tend to work well with a full-time schedule. Other students that work well with full-time can be:

  • Students that work at night
  • Students who want to work quickly toward a future
  • The traditional student

We work around all types of schedules! Some of our students work nights, while others love a full-time schedule and are eager to graduate as soon as possible. Full-time classes are formed in a way that can teach you everything you might need to find your success without burning you out!

Success Comes From Support

Beauty school is built on a foundation of helping the world become a more beautiful place with the idea of supporting each other. With creative cosmetologists creating beautiful looks to estheticians educating those about skincare, beauty school is an environment filled with encouragement and support.

At TSPA DC, we have dedicated instructors who can work one-on-one with you to help you perfect your skills and build your confidence in beauty. We also offer *financial assistance and a variety of scholarships to those who qualify. With this strong of a support system, we don’t see why you can’t go far!

Begin Today!

Enough thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t chase your dreams. Your dreams deserved to be pursued. You are worth investing yourself in! Contact us to learn more about our full-time and part-time programs. From when our next class begins, to how many hours each program is, and everything in between! Come in for a tour and have all of your questions answered. Your future begins today!

Don’t forget to check out some of our blogs to get a little taste of what TSPA DC is all about!

“The Life of a Beauty Student at TSPA DC”

“Become a Makeup Master at TSPA DC”

*{Financial assistance or scholarships may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspadc.com/privacy-policy.}

Five Skin Care Hacks to Get You Clean for Spring!

Warmer weather is coming and with it is the urge to clean out everything and chase those winter dust bunnies away! While you are chasing the bunnies out, why not add something to your usual spring cleaning regimen?

Your Skin.

Keeping your skin and hair clean should be very high up on your list of “Self Care”. After a season of bitter cold and drying winds, it’s the perfect time to give your skin some healing care and start the season off right, complete with that inner glow that you may have lost behind all those hats and scarves.

If you are looking to start your season with a fresh feel, check out our five hacks for fresh, clean skin.

Hands Off!

Keeping your hands clean is a staple in helping your skin look its best. Not only just to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases but to help keep grease and dirt off your face. While you ideally shouldn’t be touching your face at all, that isn’t always possible. So in addition to limiting hand-to-face contact, you should keep your hands clean to help decrease dirt and oil build-up.

Lemons and Steam

Lemons are great for your skin! Plus, they can be used in multiple ways! You can put them in hot water before bed, or create a lemon infused steam for your shower can both help open and clean your pores, allowing build up to be cleaned away gently. Plus, with so much vitamin C you will find a new fresh glow sooner than you thought!


If you want to prompt that deep glow to emerge from its winter cave, hydrating your skin is a sure way to do that. The best way to hydrate is to invest in a good moisturizer. Find an oil-free product with an SPF to help guard against sun damage. You are one step closer to keeping your skin healthy, happy, and glowing.

Get a Silicone Sponge

Regular makeup sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Although it is suggested that you regularly wash sponges and brushes that often, we understand that life gets hectic and things slip through the cracks. Investing in a silicone sponge is a great option to help reduce makeup waste, bacteria growth, and is a time saver!

Wear a Mask

A face mask, a cool mask, a night mask. There are many different types of skin care masks and each one can help solve and repair different skin problems. Use a cooling mask for redness and swelling, and a night mask for blackheads and clogged pores. Finding the right mask for you is important and is definitely something you should add to your usual beauty routine.

Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning?

Head in to our student salon training area today for a cleansing facial. This service can help to clear away the unwanted dirt and oil that has accumulated on your skin, giving you a fresh slate, and a glowing start. Contact us to schedule your service today!

Want to take your skin care obsession to the next level? Discover how our cosmetology program can help you build an education in beauty that could lead to a new future and a fresh start.

All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspadc.com

What to Expect in Cosmetology School

You may know someone who went to cosmetology school. You may have even walked into a cosmetology school and received a treatment from them. But when it comes to enrolling in school, you may feel a little lost.

Don’t worry! You are not alone when it comes to deciding on where or why you should go to cosmetology school. At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), DC, many of our students had the same concerns and questions that you do. We decided to make a blog that answers the most commonly asked question about starting cosmetology school.

Here are our top five questions and answers we had when deciding on cosmetology school.

    1. Is Cosmetology Hard?

      This is a great question! Cosmetology school isn’t easy, and it does require hard work and dedication. Working hard for something you love is very rewarding and cosmetology is no different. If you enjoy doing hair, cutting hair, and applying makeup there is a good possibility that you will love cosmetology school. Students find that they each have different strengths and weaknesses throughout their cosmetology school. Each student is given the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques while allowing their strengths to shine.

    2. What Skills Do I Need to Be a Cosmetologist?

      Another great question. Many people think of that there are only practical skills involved in cosmetology, but they’re wrong! Here are a few skills they should posses in addition to their hands-on skills:

      • Communication Skills
      • Organizational Skills
      • Interpersonal Skills
    3. What to Look for in a Cosmetology School

      There are many options for cosmetology school and choosing just one can feel overwhelming. There isn’t one school that is right for everyone but there are specific aspects that set certain schools apart. We suggest taking a tour of the school to get a feel for the building and find out what kind of culture they foster! If you feel like you don’t fit in there, it probably isn’t the best option for you. You want a school that you can feel comfortable and thrive in. We suggest that you choose a school that offers a variety of courses and opportunities for you to try out!

    4. What Opportunities Can I Expect at Cosmetology School?

      We can’t speak for other schools, but at TSPA DC you can expect to learn in a beautiful facility. Not only will you be practicing your skills in a great facility, you will also be using professional products from Redken. With one-on-one training, students can feel confident when they start giving treatments to clients. At TSPA, DC we strive to give our students opportunities to try popular treatments found in salons such as our Keratin treatments. We offer advanced courses where you can learn the necessary skills for the makeup industry with our courses from the Make-up Designory (MUD).

    5. Is Cosmetology School Worth It?

      Our answer is a resounding yes! Cosmetology school is a great place to enhance your hair and makeup skills. Not only are you learning amazing skills, you also have the opportunity to meet amazing people! You could make life long relationships with people or find your next business partner at cosmetology school. You can challenge yourself by adding skills to your skill set and learning new cutting techniques. While it does take time and energy, the people you meet and the experiences you have in cosmetology school truly make it a priceless experience.

At TSPA, DC we enjoy answering questions about cosmetology school and what kind of experiences we have had as cosmetology students. Cosmetology school is a wonderful place for people who are passionate about hair and makeup.

Still have more questions? We have your back! Give us a call at (202) 216-9700 to ask about our programs and set up a time to tour our campus!

Create a New Look in our Student Salon Training Area!

Are you ready to reinvent yourself this year?

Have you been eyeing a bold new look, or are you desperate to update the cut and color that you have? If creating a new look is at the top of your to-do list, we have just the place for that. The student salon training area at The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), DC is ready to help you conquer that list and create a whole new you. Whether it be for a new year, a new job, or just a fresh new start, our trained students can help you find the look that will fit your needs, and your dreams.

If you have found yourself steering clear of a cosmetology school salon for fear of a pink hair disaster, we are here to help eliminate those worries! Getting a service at your local cosmetology school shouldn’t be scary! It does so much more than you know.

Here are five reasons why you should head in today!

If you still have questions make sure to give us a call, we would be glad to help answer any concerns you might have and help you book your service appointment right over the phone.

A Skill Worth Sharing

Two women learning and teaching how to cut a males hair

When a student enters cosmetology school there are a few requirements they need to meet. One of these is the number of hours that they practice their skills on guests in the student salon training area. While the hours are required for graduation, this does not mean that students begin their time in the student salon training area right away.

Before the students at TSPA DC are allowed to step foot into our training area they must meet certain hour and skill requirements. This includes hours practicing their craft on false heads, sitting in theory classes such as sanitation, and anatomy, as well as passing certain knowledge milestones.

Once these requirements are met, the students still aren’t allowed to begin their time in the student salon training area without help. Surrounded by the educators that have supported them through their journey, the students that complete your service will be fully supervised. A licensed educator is always at hand, ready to answer questions and oversee any skill that may need a little bit of support.

By getting a service done at your local cosmetology school you are helping your future stylist gain the skill they need to become the accomplished professional of tomorrow.

Trends That Sparkle

Three women teaching and receiving a haircut

We are cosmetology students. We have a passion for beauty, and that means we follow everything. From the crazy trends that pop up on social media, to the amazing new looks that everyone will want. We see it all, and we begin to practice and master the skill it takes to create the look often before anyone else.

No matter what look you have fallen in love with, chances are we have already begun to practice and master the look and are ready to deliver.

A Cost That Won’t Break the Bank

Broken piggy bank with money spilling out

It’s no secret that getting a service done at your local cosmetology school will help you save a buck. In fact, with prices nearly half of what you can see at a traditional salon, you may find yourself requesting that additional deep-conditioning treatment.

With talented students and dedicated educators you may wonder how you got such a good deal. It’s a question that will leave you smiling as you and your new look send heads spinning.

A Facility That Will Drop Your Jaw


One of the things that we strive for at TSPA DC is creating a facility that reflects the beauty of an upscale salon. We feel we have accomplished this in our student salon training area. With beautiful new furnishings and professional-grade equipment we are comfortable knowing that our students are receiving an education in an area that reflects the careers they will build. This not only gives them a great start, but creates an experience that may just make you forget you are in a school.

A Little Bit of your Time

pretty red haired woman with clock

Doing something just for you is an essential part of self care. As essential as it is, many men and women forget to take the time to do something that not only pampers, but helps them recharge.

From a service in our beautiful facility, to a relaxing customer experience, you will find the time to breathe. Plus, you may even find the future salon professional that will become your new go-to.

Are you ready to support the next generation of beauty professionals?

At The Salon Professional Academy, DC we are ready to assist you in finding the look that not only fits you, but will leave you feeling ready to conquer the world.

Schedule your appointment in our student salon training area today and get ready for a new look, and a new you this year.

*All services are performed by students in training under the direct supervision of trained professionals.