Celebrating Student Success

We love to celebrate here at The Salon Professional Academy!  It’s in our DNA and part of our culture.  As an Academy, we believe that any achievement is worth celebrating.  These “wins,” as we like to call them, come in all shapes and sizes.  FINALLY mastering the art of foiling, nailing your foundations esthetics facial model or hitting your referral goal for the month are just some examples.

On the first Wednesday of each month, our cosmetology and esthetics students have their Student Celebration! In this celebration we recognize the students that excelled the month prior in various categories.  Mostly these celebrations are focused around the students that were at the top of their programs in the business building categories.  TSPA, D.C. focuses on guest referrals, guest rebooking, repeat guests and the ratio of services to each client that our students sees.

Starting next month our students will be picking a theme for our student celebration days!  The Academy will add snacks and punch centered on the theme.  To bring the celebration even more to life our students will be able to dress up how they best interpret the theme!  Stay tuned to see what theme we pick and how our students choose to celebrate!

Congratulations to all of our July, full time winners!