Don’t do These 5 Things to Your Hair!

Do you struggle to take care of your hair and keep it looking its best?

If so, you are not alone! Many people strive to know how to take care of their hair the right way, or even know what they might be doing to cause the frizz and damage that plagues so many.

If you find yourself amongst these masses, we can help!

Here are five things your should avoid to help your hair look its best!

    1. Washing Daily

      Washing your hair daily may seem like a good idea, it keeps your hair clean, after all, but it can actually cause some of that frizz you hate so much. When you wash frequently you strip away some of the healthy oils that your hair needs to look its best.

      By limiting washing and using tools like a boar bristle brush you will not only keep it healthy, but pull those oils through your hair helping to keep it shiny and strong.

      Pro Tip!– If your hair gets greasy, consider using a dry shampoo instead of increasing washes.

    2. Using Hot Tools

      using hot tools

      Heat is an enemy of hair. Not only does it dry it out and increase breakage, but it can damage the cuticle and create a damaged look and feel to those precious stands.

      Going heat free may take some getting used to, but the look and feel of your hair will improve over time.

      Pro Tip!– If using hot tools is important to you use a heat barrier product to help limit damage.

    3. Brushing Your Hair When Wet

      Wet hair is some of the most delicate hair there is. Because hair gains elasticity when wet, it loses a lot of the strength that it has normally. To help this, loosely clip the hair up, or allow to air dry a bit before introducing it to a brush and moving to style.

      ProTip!– If you must brush, use a wide tooth comb with flexible teeth to help limit breakage.

    4. Using Box Hair Dye

      box hair dye

      While convenient, any stylist will tell you that box dye can cause damage to your hair. Because they use harsher chemicals, and a lot more salt, than the dye that is blended in a salon the chemicals move right to the cuticle, causing a harsh charge that permanently damages and weakens the strands.

      Spending the extra time to have your hair dyed professionally can be well worth the effort. With custom mixes and a formula that works on the surface of the hair, you could be saving yourself from intense damage.

      Pro Tip!– Make sure to schedule a consultation before your service. This will help you to get to know your stylist, and get exactly what you want.

    5. Saturating Chemicals

      Chlorine and salt can really hurt you hair. Because of this, if you go swimming consistently it is always suggested to wear a swim cap. If you are more of an occasional swimmer, using a protective product, and washing your hair immediately after could be enough to help protect your hair from the damaging chemicals.

      Pro Tip!– Because hair acts like a sponge, rinsing your hair in fresh water before entering the pool can help add extra protection by letting it absorb fresh water first.

Taking care of hair and keeping it healthy and strong can be work, but the result is worth it!

If you would like more tips, or would like to know more about how to care for you hair correctly, and keep it looking the best it can be, schedule a visit to our Student Salon Training Area. Our trained and supervised students* would love to sit with you, help you understand your hair better, and give you a brand new cut to help it look its best.

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*All services performed by trained student under the supervision of trained and licensed instructors.