Celebrity Makeup Artist Visits TSPA, D.C.

Tuesday July 30th was a very special evening for the students enrolled in the esthetics program here at TSPA, D.C.!  Celebrity makeup artist James Vincent stopped by to spend some time speaking with our students.  Mr. Vincent is the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, he has worked with Lady Gaga, The Obamas, Lauryn Hill, and TLC.

As if his impressive resume wasn’t long enough already, Mr. Vincent is the Director of The Makeup Shop” who is launching their first ever Makeup Show in Washington, D.C. August 3rd & 4th, 2019.  The show will feature a main stage along with a seminar stage and multiple demo stages.  Since our students were invited to attend, they will be able to experience hands-on workshops from top industry leaders.  What a great opportunity for TSPA students to learn current trends, techniques AND seasonal inspired images!

“One of the key moments from the presentation for me was his inspiring message to figure out who you are as a cosmetologist or esthetician and use that to grow your career!” explained Ms. Silvia, one of our educators.  “He really drove home the message that things always get easier through hard work and experience!  That if you stick with it, you will be successful!  It was such a great message for our students to hear!”

The Salon Professional Academy students are hard at work practicing the techniques that were demonstrated to better their skills.  Many of our students will be attending the makeup show on August 3rd.  TSPA can not wait for them to come back and show us what they learned!

TSPA esthetic student, Carli, shared that his final message really hit home for her.  “It was refreshing to hear someone speaking about doing what makes you happy!  James really reminded me that life is too short and I should be doing what I love!”